jeudi 9 mars 2023 – Kavka Anvers

Icelandic band VÖK are ready for world domination and are coming to Antwerp on Thursday, March 9th, 2023, With as support act: Patches!  

The alt-pop trio – made up of Margrét Rán (vocals), Einar Stef (bass/guitar) and Bergur (drums) – make music that perfectly captures the contradictions of being alive: Brimming with soul-soothing electronic textures and seductive melodies, it veers from arm-raised euphoria to bittersweet melancholia, each song revealing narratives that often blur fact with fantasy to create intoxicating and transcendent pop music.

Founded in 2013 in order to compete in a battle of the bands contest in Iceland (which they won, naturally), VÖK has spent the last nine years evolving into its current form. Their debut album, 2017’s critically adored Figure, recorded with Brett Cox (Jack Garratt, Tusks) in London, saw the band’s popularity explode as they gathered legions of dedicated fans throughout Europe. In 2019, this was followed by a second successful album called ‘In The Dark’, which they produced together with James Erp Earp (Lewis Capaldi, Maisie Peters, Will Young) and by a tour through Europe and the UK.

Last year they released their third album which, unlike the previous ones, they completely produced themselves. With this album, they find themselves confident and honest; euphoric and liberated; queer and joyful; and revealing and emotional. It’s the sound of a band who are hungry for more.

With as support act: Patches!
Patches brings art pop with the right proportions of sultry vocal lines, subtle beats and musical tension. A must-hear for those with a weakness for melancholic stories and sensual encounters!

Her music cloaked in smoky atmospheres and cryptic lyrics is like a barrage of emotional debris: personal, urgent and inescapable. With her voice almost naked on a tapestry of subtle electronics and minimal beats, she enchants and seduces at a glance.

On Thursday, March 9th, the band will come to the KAVKA in Antwerp for a unique concert!